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Hi.  I’ve had so much to do in my writing with my serial novel, His to Command, released in January, my novel Illicit and the Northern Heat anthology in February, and finally His to Command the book (combination of all the serial parts) two weeks ago, I’ve had no time to blog about nails.  I have been having fun with polish in real life, though!

My oldest son, Matt, has been accepted to a masters program at the University of Sussex in Brighton England.  (Yes, I will get to how this relates to today’s post about nail polish.)  Matt’s dream has been to be accepted to Sussex and go live in England, but a university here in Ottawa (we live in Canada) offered him a scholarship.  This made for a difficult decision.  It’s such an important decision that we suggested he go to Brighton and check out the university

and the town.  So he did.


Well, that meant I had to check out the nail polishes in England.  (You knew I’d get there, right?)  I reviewed UK nail polish blogs and that led me to the Super Drug store on-line and I found some great polishes.  I fell in love with a collection of speckled polishes from a line of polishes called Accessorize.  So I sent Matt with a list of polishes to pick up for me.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t get the feather effects ones I saw by InVogue polish, because they’d just come out in the on-line store but not yet in the physical store.  I have a niece in London who is coming to Canada in July, though, so… score!  She’s going to bring them over for me.  In the meantime, I found that the Nails Inc. feather effects were the inspiration for these polishes and they are available here, and for far less than in the UK.  That seems so unfair to the UK polish lovers, because they seem to range from £11-£14 there, but I bought them for $11.50!  Even though Nails Inc. polishes originate in the UK!

I talked Matt into bringing me 12 polishes in all (he was only traveling with a backpack and staying in hostels) and I haven’t tried them all yet, but one of my favourites is Damselfly.

It’s a lovely turquoise colour with royal blue specks and gold glitter.  So pretty.


The name is on the back of the bottle, but a little hard to see.  Not too bad in the picture below, but the actual bottle is a heck of a lot smaller!


Speckle polishes seem to be all the rage.  I was recently in the U.S. and was able to pick up some of the Hard Candy speckles, too.  I’m currently wearing Sugar Rush, a milky white polish with black speckles and a little silver glitter mixed in for good measure.  Very fresh and spring-like.  I’ll try to pop up some pictures soon.

Now before I get back to writing, I’ll pass on that I just found out my book His to Command will be mentioned on TV!

by Opal Carew April 16, 2013

by Opal Carew
April 16, 2013

It will be during the April 29th segment of Buy the Book on Good Morning Texas on “Thrills, Chills and a bit of Suspense” between 9am and 10am Central Time. Good Morning Texas is produced by the ABC affiliate in Dallas Fort Worth (WFAA channel 8, fifth largest US television market) and follows Good Morning America at 9am Central Time.

The four minute segment is live during the hour-long broadcast and  the program producer will put up for the segment shortly after it airs (Monday, April 29th, 2013) on http://www.wfaa.com/good-morning-texas.  (I hope I’ll be able to see it here in Canada, because sometimes the U.S. websites don’t allow viewers from other countries.)

I hope I’ll be blogging again soon.  In the meantime, please let me know what you think of Damselfly!


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