Frightfully Fun! (Part 2)

Hi.  I mentioned I have a couple more hauls of Halloween nail polish to share.  I’d seen swatches for the China Glaze Wicked collection so I went hunting for it at my local Sally’s Beauty for the at the beginning of October. They had three of the polishes in a set with a bonus glow in the dark topcoat, so I bought the set and the other three polishes to complete the collection.

Here is the set of three with the topcoat.  This was on special for $11.  (Remember I’m in Canada so that price may differ from what it was selling for in the U.S.)

From left to right:  Roguish Red, Glitter Goblin, Bizarre Blurple, and Ghoulish Glow

The Roguish Red is more a deep orange than red, IMO.  The Bizarre Blurple is more purple than the picture shows.  That’s what I used on my nail for spider web nails I posted a few days ago.

Here are some close-ups.

The individual polishes were $6.50.  (I did get my member discount and my monthly 15% coupon on everything.)

Left ot right: Cast a Spell, Make a Spectacle, Immortal

Here’s the whole collection.

They also had Finger Paints on sale: buy one get one free, so I picked up four of those.  (These were normally $5.50 each.)

Left to right: Sketch n Etch, Silver Sculpture, Get Real-ism, Purple Palette

I know the middle two purples are pretty close, but I needed a fourth and I was in a hurry.  I think I can do something interesting with them, though.  Maybe texturing with saran wrap to give a subtle effect.

The green has a pretty shimmer.

And look at this nice glitter!

I have one more Halloween hauls to post, but there are only three Halloween polishes.  These are from older collections and I just received them in the mail from Eighty Eight Beauty Supply.  I’ll probably post my whole haul, not just the Halloween ones.  It’s a grab bag of stuff, both old and new.  It even includes a few interesting magnets for magnetic polish that will be fun.

Until next time!


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