Frightfully Fun! (Part 1)

Hi.  As I’ve mentioned before, I live in Canada, which means I don’t have local access to some of the great nail polishes available in the U.S.  Luckily, however, I live only 45 minutes from the border, and I often drive down to Ogdensburg, NY.

For Halloween, Blue Cross Beauty Products puts out a line called Phantom Frights that includes polish in cute little pumpkin bottles.  They are quite adorable and I really wanted to get some.  I had heard that Rite Aid carried these polishes, so I planned a trip to Ogdensburg in late September.  On the day I arrived, there was a good selection of Phantom Frights, though, I must admit, not quite so many after I left!

There were some black light polishes in neon colours.  I got a purple, blue and bright pink.  The purple looks much bluer in the picture than in real life.

Their faces are so cute!  Every bottle has a happy jack-o-lantern face on one side and a scary one on the other.

What is that orange and yellow thing in front of the pumpkins, you ask?  Those are glass stones that I picked up at Michael’s Craft store, then painted with nail polish on the bottom to create pretty gems.  They make great pendants, pins, or magnets.

I took the following photograph with the flash.  I love how they glow!

This glow in the dark orange and a plain black crème look very Halloween-y.

Now my favourites.  Glitter!  I bought the light pink glow in the dark for the daughter of a woman I met at a book club I was invited to.  It’s so cute and has tiny holo glitter.

I couldn’t resist showing you a close up of the glitters.

And doesn’t this guy look happy!

In addition to the pumpkin bottles, which were $2.99 each, they had this set of polishes for just $4.99!

Finally, they also had duo bottles, with black polish on one end and glitter on the other.  The display had space for six, but there were only these five left.  Of course, I got them all!

Yes, I know there are clearly duplicates, but I got them anyway.  Maybe I’ll do a giveaway sometime in the future to get rid of the extras.

I have two more Halloween hauls, which I will post soon.

Have you found any great Halloween polishes this year, or do you have any long-time favourites?

Number of polishes in my collection:

Yeah, I know I said in my first post I had gone over the 500 mark, but I haven’t updated my spreadsheet with the latest polishes, so they don’t count yet. 🙂


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