Metallic Pumpkins

Hi.  I have another Halloween mani for you today.  At first, I was going to paint my nails orange, then add Jack-o-lantern faces, but it didn’t work out at all.  The triangle eyes were just blobby.  Clearly I need more practice painting tiny designs.

After that I decided to stamp jack-o-lanterns on my nails, but orange over a black background didn’t work out very well.  If I had the Konad special stamping polish in orange it probably would have worked… but I don’t, so it didn’t.  I decided a metallic polish might be fund to use, then I remembered I have this great bronze metallic from Nabi, which is orange-like, right?

I painted my nails black, with my old stand-by Black on Black by Sinful Colors.  Then I used my BM222 Plate to stamp the Jack-o-lantern at a jaunty angle.  The nail didn’t look quite finished, so in a fit of inspiration, I grabbed Glitter Goblin and sponged it on the tip.

Voila!  Elegant Jack-o-lantern nails with a bit of glitz!

The picture above is taken indoors and the two below outdoors.  There wasn’t much sun, so it doesn’t show the full beautiful holographc glitter.

Here’s a picture of the polishes I used.

I must say, I love Glitter Goblin from the China Glaze Wicked collection.  It is a beautiful glitter that has a basic copper feel but with lots of holographic micro glitter packed in.  It’s gorgeous on the nail.

Here are a couple of out of focus shots to give you the idea of the delightful holo glitz!

The blurry shot is on purpose so you can see the lovely colours that show up in the light!

I think I’ll stick with this mani until Halloween, then on November 1st, I’ll probably move on to Christmas glitz.  Though I would still like to do a few fall manis before the snow hits.  Either way, I have some great new polishes I’m dying to try!

Oh, I haven’t forgotten about Part 3 of my Halloween hauls.  Hopefully, tomorrow.

Have you decided what mani you’ll wear on Halloween?


Frightfully Fun! (Part 2)

Hi.  I mentioned I have a couple more hauls of Halloween nail polish to share.  I’d seen swatches for the China Glaze Wicked collection so I went hunting for it at my local Sally’s Beauty for the at the beginning of October. They had three of the polishes in a set with a bonus glow in the dark topcoat, so I bought the set and the other three polishes to complete the collection.

Here is the set of three with the topcoat.  This was on special for $11.  (Remember I’m in Canada so that price may differ from what it was selling for in the U.S.)

From left to right:  Roguish Red, Glitter Goblin, Bizarre Blurple, and Ghoulish Glow

The Roguish Red is more a deep orange than red, IMO.  The Bizarre Blurple is more purple than the picture shows.  That’s what I used on my nail for spider web nails I posted a few days ago.

Here are some close-ups.

The individual polishes were $6.50.  (I did get my member discount and my monthly 15% coupon on everything.)

Left ot right: Cast a Spell, Make a Spectacle, Immortal

Here’s the whole collection.

They also had Finger Paints on sale: buy one get one free, so I picked up four of those.  (These were normally $5.50 each.)

Left to right: Sketch n Etch, Silver Sculpture, Get Real-ism, Purple Palette

I know the middle two purples are pretty close, but I needed a fourth and I was in a hurry.  I think I can do something interesting with them, though.  Maybe texturing with saran wrap to give a subtle effect.

The green has a pretty shimmer.

And look at this nice glitter!

I have one more Halloween hauls to post, but there are only three Halloween polishes.  These are from older collections and I just received them in the mail from Eighty Eight Beauty Supply.  I’ll probably post my whole haul, not just the Halloween ones.  It’s a grab bag of stuff, both old and new.  It even includes a few interesting magnets for magnetic polish that will be fun.

Until next time!

Frightfully Fun! (Part 1)

Hi.  As I’ve mentioned before, I live in Canada, which means I don’t have local access to some of the great nail polishes available in the U.S.  Luckily, however, I live only 45 minutes from the border, and I often drive down to Ogdensburg, NY.

For Halloween, Blue Cross Beauty Products puts out a line called Phantom Frights that includes polish in cute little pumpkin bottles.  They are quite adorable and I really wanted to get some.  I had heard that Rite Aid carried these polishes, so I planned a trip to Ogdensburg in late September.  On the day I arrived, there was a good selection of Phantom Frights, though, I must admit, not quite so many after I left!

There were some black light polishes in neon colours.  I got a purple, blue and bright pink.  The purple looks much bluer in the picture than in real life.

Their faces are so cute!  Every bottle has a happy jack-o-lantern face on one side and a scary one on the other.

What is that orange and yellow thing in front of the pumpkins, you ask?  Those are glass stones that I picked up at Michael’s Craft store, then painted with nail polish on the bottom to create pretty gems.  They make great pendants, pins, or magnets.

I took the following photograph with the flash.  I love how they glow!

This glow in the dark orange and a plain black crème look very Halloween-y.

Now my favourites.  Glitter!  I bought the light pink glow in the dark for the daughter of a woman I met at a book club I was invited to.  It’s so cute and has tiny holo glitter.

I couldn’t resist showing you a close up of the glitters.

And doesn’t this guy look happy!

In addition to the pumpkin bottles, which were $2.99 each, they had this set of polishes for just $4.99!

Finally, they also had duo bottles, with black polish on one end and glitter on the other.  The display had space for six, but there were only these five left.  Of course, I got them all!

Yes, I know there are clearly duplicates, but I got them anyway.  Maybe I’ll do a giveaway sometime in the future to get rid of the extras.

I have two more Halloween hauls, which I will post soon.

Have you found any great Halloween polishes this year, or do you have any long-time favourites?

Number of polishes in my collection:

Yeah, I know I said in my first post I had gone over the 500 mark, but I haven’t updated my spreadsheet with the latest polishes, so they don’t count yet. 🙂

Halloween 2012 – Spider Webs

Hi.  I’m hoping to get a few Halloween manis posted before the big day.  With only a few days left, I’m not sure what I can accomplish, but I’ll give it a try.  I also want to put up my Halloween haul.

First up, I was inspired by a great spider web design by PixiePolish.  I hate spiders, but I loved her beautiful orange and black design.  When it came time to do it, though, I found the prospect of hand painting all those webs daunting, especially using my non-dominant hand.  (Maybe I’ll try it with an accent nail later.)  Then I realized that one of my Bundle Monster stamping plates has a spider web design!  Yay!

Here’s the result.  Do you like the eerie prop? It reminds me of The Blob from the old horror movie!

To do this mani, I used Bizarre Blurple from the China Glaze Wicked collection for the base coat.  It’s such a rich, dark purple-blue, I thought the webs would contrast well.  I used Konad white for the webs to ensure I got good coverage.  The plate is BM13.

If I’d hand painted the webs, I would have overlaid them with Fairy Dust from China Glaze, a lovely sheer holo, to give a glistening effect.  I also considered using a silver for the stamping.  Maybe next time.

My son found a really weird black and orange gourd when he bought our Halloween pumpkin, so I took some shots with that.

Doesn’t it look delightfully creepy?  I think it looks like it’s about to devour my hand. lol

I think the only thing scarier than the gourd in these pictures is the state of my cuticles, but they don’t look that bad when they’re not magnified about 600 percent!

Have you figured out what mani you’re going to do for Halloween?  Please share!

My First Post

Hi.  As you can see, this is the first post on my new blog!  I am actually a romance writer, but I have a deep and addictive love of nail polish and all things glittery!

Although I might occasionally tell you about my writing life, the focus of this blog is to share my love of nail polish and design.

I have a lot of nail polish.  I’ve just gone over the 500 mark, with several purchases on their way in the mail, so even that large number will be increasing within days.  Addict.  I know.  But just like in my books, I believe everyone should indulge themselves sometimes.  And looking at pretty nails while I type my stories gives me a visual creative boost.  (I try not to let them distract me too much!)

Halloween is fast approaching and that’s what finally prompted me to get moving on this blog.  I will be posting a Halloween mani very soon, then I’ll post my Halloween haul.

I live in Canada, so I don’t have local access to many of the great polishes in the U.S., but thankfully I live about 45 minutes from the border so I often drive down to Ogdensburg, NY and check out Rite Aid, Walgreen’s, and Walmart.  (Our Walmart’s here in Canada don’t have all the same polishes.  For instance, they don’t have Pure Ice.)  I love, love, LOVE the Rite Aid in Ogdensburg.  I have made some lovely finds there.  Recently, I picked up some of the Jack-o-lantern bottles from Phantom Frights, but more about that later.

My friend have suggested I put a nail polish counter on the blog page to track the number of polishes as my collection grows, so I’ll see about that.  My goal is to keep the number under 1000!  (As if!)

Thanks for stopping by!  I’m going to leave you with a sneak peek of things to come.

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